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Women | Dolce & Gabbana | THE ONE
Aroma : Oriental - Spicy
Netto : 100ml

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Last summer Gucci launched Gucci Guilty which is special for women quickly hit the stores and made us very impressive. This year following up on the success of its female version fragrance, the new male counterpart is about to release.

We may wonder what’s different between these two versions, of course besides their packaging. According to the company, the men’s scent will replicate elements of the female version but with additional masculine details. We can see this point from its published posts and video starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. Visually stunning and positively addictive makes the new Gucci Perfume to be even more desirable. The new version is meant for the man “who knows what he wants.” Gucci create an male image that is a true magnet for ladies with this seductive perfume.

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When you open it, the fragrance starts with lavender and lemon, leaving enough space for very appealing scents of orange blossom. Basic tones are supported by warm woody accords of cedar and patchouli, offering a firm but exciting and soft coloring to the whole composition.
Here is Gucci Guilty Pour Homme note:
Top notes: Lemon, Lavender
Heart notes: Orange blossom
Base notes: Patchouli, Cedre

It is addictive and intoxicating!
As for its male version bottle is designed with cold metal and heavy glass to match with male strong and mature image, making an impression of masculinity and luxury. The middle of the bottle is decorated with a metallic Gucci sign. The whole dark tone and design seem elegant and alluring.
Valentine’s Day in 2011 is 

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Boss Orange Perfume by Hugo Boss, Actress sienna miller is the face of this luscious floral scent for women. Top notes of sweet apple meld with the most feminine and intriguing floral heart which includes an abundance of white flowers and fragrant orange blossom. The passionate and warm base includes sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla.

Get Flora By Gucci at Perfume Berry.
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I thought we can only purchase apparels online. But, I was so wrong because guess what? We can also purchase perfumes. Genuine ones of course so you dont need to worry about your safety usage. They also sell miniature sizes, so for those who spent just a little too much on clothes and bags the other day can still buy them from RM10-RM42. Plus, it will be more handy dont you think? You can put them in your purse everywhere you go incase you need to use them. But, if you are going for the retail sizes they costs RM185 for 30ml, RM225 for 50ml and RM250 for 75ml.



Info Parfum      

  • : Women
  • : Parfum
  • : 75 ML
  • : Remaja
  • :
  • : 5 - 10 Jam
  • : Soft
  • : Flowery
  • : 0
  • : Rp. 990.000,00
Diklasifikasikan sebagai aroma bunga yang lembut dan halus dengan aroma feminin memiliki campuran bunga.
  • CANCER (21 Jun - 21 Jul)
  • CAPRICORN (21 Des - 19 Jan)
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